• Rebecca Vanguard

Tru6lack.com is now on Bentbox!!!

This is an idea I have had for a long time and I am so excited to finally try it out. I am now offering residuals to all of the models on Tru6lack.com! Another fun feature on Bentbox is I can upload up to ten free preview photos so I went ahead and took some screenshots of the best parts of the scene for you, be sure to go check those out. Please buy a scene from www.bentbox.co/tru6lack and your favorite models will receive a percentage of each sale! The percentage is dependent on how many models would like to sign up for the residuals i.e. if there are two people in a scene and each of them wants residuals, each model will receive 25% revenue share. If there is only one model signed up for residuals then they will receive 50% revenue share and so on and so forth. Right now both parts of Dahlia Vonknight's sloppy blow job and the full version are available for sale on www.bentbox.co/tru6lack

Sloppy spit Bj pt 1 from Dahlia Vonknight https://hal.red/52IyYpa9

deepthroat BJ and oily ass worship w Dahlia pt 2 https://hal.red/gXcPppGm

Dahlia sucks Eddies monster cock FULL VIDEO https://hal.red/5y1HAwTR

Rebecca Vanguard XO

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