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Marley Moore's debut scene available NOW on Bentbox.co!

I am proud to announce that the next scene for Tru6lack.com is available now! Featuring porn all-star, Marley Moore and she does not hesitate to show her experience and skills! Her male co-star, Coach Cardher, is holding on for dear life when Marley is on top of him! All three parts are available at https://bentbox.co/tru6lack!

Marley gives an amazing tit job part 1:

The second installment of Tru6lack.com begins with the illustrious Marley Moore on her knees, showing of her glorious ass. She crawls on all fours to Coach Cardher and grabs his cock out of his pants and gets him hard in her wet mouth. Once Coach takes a seat Marley quickly slips off her bra and spits on his dick for a tit job. She squeezes her large and perfect breasts around his member and strokes it hard and fast. Marley loves to tease and takes her time him with her perfect body before getting on top of him. She slips her panties off and slowly sits down on Coach's hard cock. Marley rotates her hips perfectly side to side and up and down. She is a real riding Queen!

link: https://hal.red/xfMAytTQ

Marley Moore is an EXPERT dick rider part 2:

Marley Moore is a true actress. She knows how to express real pleasure with Coach Cardher's huge cock inside of her. Coach mounts her in missionary and puts it on her! He gives it to her slow and then fast and hard until she begs him to not go so deep! Marley's eyes cross in pleasure and you can hear how wet her pussy is. Before Coach slides into her in missionary she tastes her pussy off of his dick. Coach is vibrating and gyrating his way to an intense orgasm on Marley's end and a huge cum shot on his end! The cum shot is in part three ;)

link: https://hal.red/mGQ1a8DF

Marley extracts the cum from his balls part 3:

Unfortunately, this amazing sex scene with Marley Moore begins to come to an end in part three. Marley shows off the soles of her feet in a spread eagle missionary position. Coach gives it to her long dick style and the camera captures the penetration perfectly. He pulls out and shoves his cock in Marley's mouth while she's still in missionary and gives her a light face fucking before returning to her inviting vagina. Marley get's down on her hands and knees to beg for his cum. She uses her tongue ring to help stimulate the tip of his cock until he cums all over her face and breasts. Marley does the right thing and tastes his cum and waves good bye to the camera like the good little fuck slut she is. Until next time! Stay horny my friends!

link: https://hal.red/gxNBpdh

Rebecca xo

Follow Marley Moore's new Twitter account: https://twitter.com/marleydabootyy

and she has an Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/marleydabootee/?hl=en

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